Fantastic Mr Fox


I first saw Danny Fox’s work in a bar in Cornwall. Although I can’t say it caught my eye as being particulary my thing straight away, I have definitely grown to appreciate and love it (and the rest of his work) since taking up painting myself a bit more seriously. At first glance they may appear to be on the casual side of conceptual, not that there’s anything wrong witht that, but he is really quite accurate in his structure/poroportion in the more portraity pieces of his which makes me less inclined to lump him into the ‘can’t draw, so i’ll paint’ category of artist. When he wants to be at least.

 Whenever I sit down and look at his work, or come across it in that bar in Cornwall, it reminds me how freeing painting can be if you let it. Fuck the countryside landscapes and boatyards so frequently obsessed over by Cornish artists, this is the kind of art I would be proud to be Cornish for. Maybe thats just the sea air talking. He sometimes crosses the boarder between painting and photography too in a really interesting and almost decorative way. ‘Some Kind of Goodbye’ and ‘Prado’ are my favorites of his, but that was a close call. Even though his work varies so much in its style and presentation it’s hard to pick one out as a favorite because of the underlying similarity in atmosphere and intent they all have.

He’s the kind of artist that doesn’t just impress you with a technically brilliant painting then leave you feeling a bit deflated that you’ll never be able to paint the Mona Lisa, but inspires you to not give so much of a shit about what kind of paintings you paint or what kind of artist people think you are. I like that. I like him, and that’s it really.

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