Samuel Bassett

Samuel Bassett

Sam Bassett has an imagination I’d like to marry… or maybe just walk around in and poke about for a while. His work it reminiscent of a couple of other Cornish artists I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while now, especially that of Danny Fox (review to follow). It’s the kind of work that you want to stand in front of from a distance, take a big breath in and just look at with a smile on your face. He describes his work as being an attempt to “make the mundane, dirty and uncontrollable things in life look pretty” and whilst he does this he also evokes some kind of reminiscence of childhood and of being vulnerable. There is an honesty and delicateness to the smaller pieces in the collection that couldn’t be created through anything but pure, unadulterated dedication to the moment that inspired it. He uses a muted orange and light blue palette throughout the collection, not in an overly obvious way but in enough of a way to make you feel at ease and comfortable with what you’re looking at. It seemed to be essential in making sense of the scattered-ness and inconsistency in style and medium he crammed beautifully into the small-ish gallery space. It baffles me how he manages to marry pretty little inky illustrations with huge powerful sculpture pieces so seamlessly and in such limited space.

Maybe the affinity I have with his work is something do to with the similarities is holds with some of my own, maybe not. What I can say is that it’s execution and concept is something perfection-like. I just love it. The exhibition is open till the 24th of April, but as most people on here wont be able to get down to Cornwall just take a look here: He deserves a butt load more recognition and notoriety and i’m sure one day he probably will.

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