They Capture Everything About a Person That Needs to Be Captured.


Nathan Ford, hands down, makes my favorite kind of portraits in all the world. They just capture everything about a person that needs to be captured. They eliminate the need for excessive detail and photo realism that a lot of portrait artists seem to cling to. There are glimpes of genius in each painting as he hones in on accute areas of the face, like the eye or mouth, giving it a voice and letting it give you the information you need to read the rest of the painting. With the artists that choose to reproduce a face or image to perfection I sometimes feel myself, whilst always being impressed, a little bored and a little distanced from the piece. With Ford’s work, although some area’s are almost at that degree of detail, he still keeps a level of ambiguity and charming inperfection where he just uses tone and harsh directional line to indicate the shape of the face or ear etc. There is something really calming and easy about looking at a portrait by Ford that I haven’t found with many other artists. Like a lullaby for the eyes.

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