Conor Green // Graphic Designer


Conor Green is a 20 year old student currently studying BA Graphic Design at University of the Creative Arts. Conor aims to challenge the ideals behind graphic design, seeing himself as more of a conceptual designer. This allows him, to not be restricted to the same medium or format, and often explores a variety of processes and methods that take him out of his comfort zone and applies the right amount of pressure to help him find new and different ways to portray a message. Through this he has worked in fashion design, creative writing, pottery, sculpture, moving image, light manipulation and interactive installation with many other mediums in between.

This series of collages are featured and illustrate a Zine called The Bird Race. The Zine contains several of these works of art and a short story about an on edge race of birds from the fictional point of the commentator. Each collage represents a chapter or event in the story. The Zine itself was published in a chronicle of young artist work.

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