The Hundreds // Borgore


The Hundreds is a multi faceted project that houses a clothing and accessories brand, footwear range, eyewear, an online and print magazine as well as retail stores. The Hundreds sell a lifestyle, attitude and give a personal perspective on street sub culture. Inspired by the Los Angeles lifestyle and California culture with Southern Cali’s skateboarding, surf, punk and hip hop cultures. The line is sold in limited quantities in some of the worlds most prestigious street wear and skate boutiques. The website itself is a great site, incorporating interviews and blog content from within and around the subculture. The Hundreds isn’t just a magazine or clothing company. The Hundreds is a lifestyle project that still remains the original personal and direct, and reflective of the community and culture, which is dedicated to their fan base.

One of The Hundreds most recent collaboration is with the Israeli dubstep DJ and producer Borgore, who we all now is infamous for his leopard print. These Borgore inspired Johnson Lows offer ‘ a lux take on a somewhat simple sneaker silhouette’ incorporating Borgore’s signature style.

As much as I am normally into a more of a simpler design, I am actually quite a fan of these! 

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