Hairy Dieters


The fabulous Hairy Bikers, Simon King and Dave Myers embark on a new journey and weight loss campaign; Hairy Dieters. In this series they have accepted their overindulgence over the years and are determined to ‘still love their food and lose weight’. Their aim to reinvent the classic dishes they love, making them big on flavour but low in calories. With the power of group motivation, they have joined forces with a group of similarly rotund foodies to help test out the bikers recipes.

So with their great tasting food and smart cooking, I am looking forward to seeing more of this series and perhaps stealing some of the lovely recipes. The series started on Thursday where the Hairy Bikers began to eat themselves slim in a bid to lose two and a half stone in three months.

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2 thoughts on “Hairy Dieters

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  2. Jade Blue says:

    Such a great series, I love them and their great recipes!

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