What a palava?!


It’s been a bit of a crazy few days, but it has been lovely to be back in Cornwall for a short break, catching up with family and friends. Our little break down all began with our brief trip up to Yorkshire to see Max’s brother, which was great fun – but getting up there, what a palava! For the first time Max booked the tickets, and he thought he was picking them up at the station however they were actually supposed to be delivered but had never arrived and at 10 o’clock the night before our extremely early train he only just realised. Nightmare! So after calling up Travel Line first thing in the morning to try and sort out this sticky situation they refused to give us an option to pick up at the station, even though they knew they hadn’t arrived but failed to inform us. Will not be using them again. We had no other option but to purchase new tickets, at the extortionate same day prices. But hey ho, will not be making that mistake again. They will most definitely be receiving a lovely long complaint letter from us. I had never been to Yorkshire before, and it was probably the furthest up country I have been, so it was all very exciting – I really loved where Josh lived, it was so adorable, it was a small town with only shops you needed; a butchers, post office, DIY store, a barbers and a pub…it was perfect. Already planning the next trip up.
But our treacherous travels didn’t end there, with plans to head to Cornwall a few days later, we were met immediately by major traffic disruption on the motorway as soon as we left due to a severe accident in which we ended up being diverted towards Grimsby!! Completely the wrong direction which added about two hours onto a already very long journey. But we finally got on the road and made up for good time – so we weren’t too tired for a wedding the next day.

So after a great few days in Cornwall; Max has jetted off to Malia for a ‘lads’ holiday in the sunshine with some friends, of which I am looking forward to hearing all the stories when they get back next week ( I think?!?). As for me, I am still down here for a few days, catching up with the girls at the weekend and spending some time with the family. However I am very much in need of cracking on with some research and work for my third year which is looming ever closer and with the big move in just under two weeks I am panicking ever so slightly. But at least it is lovely weather here! 

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