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Very impressed by Tim Noble’s and Sue Webster’s sculpture at the Saatchi gallery, it may appear to be a pile of debris, but when lit at the right angle, a shadow is formed creating an astounding self portrait of the artists.

Impressive Self Portrait

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Three Squared


Three Squared is series of mine, I wanted to create a new perspective of the possibilities of digital in the photographic arts today. While exploring and exploiting digital it allows me to purely focus on the visual aesthetics with minimal and distinctive compositions. My aim was to explore the possibilities of digital technologies within my photographic practice. The final installation of the prints also reflect my interest in the form and geometric shapes visible in modern art. The title ‘Three Squared‘ reflects the nature of the geometric element that I was keen to portray with the sole focus being on the visual aesthetics; form, shape and line.

Jade Blue

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Streetfest Exhibition


The new Streetfest photography exhibition is on display now at Boxpark Gallery in Shoreditch – celebrating what has been another great year of street art, music and sport they’re rounding it off with a great exhibition telling their story to date in photographs. Head down before the 30th to this great selection of imagery showcasing the history of Streetfest so far.

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The Big Chair Project


The BIG Chair Project is the brainchild of the charity, The Better Food Foundation ( founded by Jamie Oliver. After establishing the unique and pioneering restaurant group Fifteen in 2002, they are marking their 10th anniversary with an exciting innovative charity project, The Big Chair Project – where a range of artists and designers have designed and ‘pimped’ up some stunning chairs for an auction and a raffle this month. This exciting project is both a celebration and a much needed fundraiser to help this charity, so do visit their website to either by bid in the auction or buy a raffle ticket to win one of these fabulous chairs – who knows you may become the proud owner of a unique and original Tracey Emin or Paul Smith designer chair for a mere £5!

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Biro Portraits


One of my favourite artists, Jacob Everett’s portraits never fail to draw me in. He distinctively creates large scale portraits using solely a biro pen. By using overlapping marks it gradually builds facial contours which close up appear as thousands of tiny pixels which really absorb you into the stunning piece. Everett has produced portraits for many famous faces such as Wayne Rooney, Biggie Smalls and Dave Grohl. His most recent project features portraits of homeless subjects; drawn to document the lives of people who would otherwise be overlooked. The portraits will be on display from tomorrow at Urban Outfitters in Brighton, with the main exhibition taking place in Harrogate in November.

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I really want to host another exhibition or art fair in the near future, or perhaps a christmas fair?


I really want to host another exhibition or art fair in the near future, or perhaps a christmas fair? With a range of artists, zine makers, jewellers, independent clothing companies, cake makers and perhaps even some cocktails thrown in there? I think it would be a great opportunity for local creatives to meet and show what they do.

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Hyper Realist


Very impressed by Vesna Bursich’s hyper realist paintings. The ability to paint so perfectly, resembling a photograph. It baffles me especially with Bursich’s crumbled paper flawlessly recreating the crumbled paper effect with precision shadows, reflection and detail.

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The infamous Wall & Decò is renowned for fabulous, large scale mural like wallpapers, that really make a room. Often found in hotels and restaurants and for private residences by interior designers, Wall and Decò have now introduced an exciting new wallpaper system designed for outdoors….how awesome is that!?!? And for the technical people out there, their OUT (Outdoor Unconventional Textures) system is a three part covering that allows for high quality photographic reproductions and large scale graphic designs to be applied onto outside walls. This system consists of an adhesive, a technical fabric and a finishing treatment. Pretty impressive.

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Self Publish, Be Happy


Self Publish, Be Happy is s project aimed at helping aspiring photographers to produce their own books. And they have now released a work of its own.

Only two years old, Self Publish, Be Happy is a renowned hub for aspiring photographers and artists. Founded by Bruno Ceschel with aim of “celebrating, studying and promoting self published photo books” through events publications and the internet. Accompanied with workshops that show photographers how to make and distribute their own books.

SPBH are now publishing a book of their own; entitled AB&OC which features the work of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. It sounds like a fabulous book, made up of a selection of polaroids, including test shots for editorial shoots. There is a range of work in the book, including portraits of Amy Winehouse, Paula Rego to name a few alongside still lifes of skulls, leaves and a bird nest. The print run is 250 and with each book an original polaroid mounted on the cover.

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BoxArt @ BoxPark


On Sunday 29th July Graffiti Life. are hosting a ‘Live Art’ event at the fabulous BoxPark in East London.
It looks like a great day, with live music, beat boxing and graffiti art. In addition to that they have decided to use this event to say thanks to their friends and supporters by giving away 100 pieces of art for free.
All of the art at BoxArt @ BoxPark this weekend is hand painted onto boxes by the Graffiti Life team, for a chance to get your hands on your own piece of BoxArt head over to their website here

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