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Twi Hard

So yesterday saw me and a friend sit in a cinema chair for over twelve hours to watch the Twilight marathon in Leicester Square, and boy was it a Twilight frenzy. I was a bit of a late bloomer getting into the films, only really getting absorbed within it last year so I had never really experienced the hardcore fans – and an experience it was. 

I couldn’t believe the roller coaster of emotions that some of the ‘twi hard’ fans experienced while watching the marathon yesterday. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a great franchise, but my goodness this people took it to a new extreme. The 12 hour day was inter spliced with short intervals and pre film programmes, including clips from the stars and interviews with fans which broke up the films – cheers and chants would be sung at the countdowns to the next chapter of the saga and don’t get me started when Taylor Lautner who plays the rather dashing Jacob takes off his shirt in New Moon there was a real mix of emotions from people screaming in awe to crying – people even brought boxes of tissues with them, preparation much?

It was a great experience, but my goodness after 12 hours on a cinema chair I could barely stumble home and after two snoozes, one in film one and the other in Breaking Dawn Part One I barely got to midnight to watch the newly released Part Two of the epic finale, and epic it was. My favourite part being the battle scene lasting 20 minutes with heads being ripped off, faces being kicked in and lots of anticipation and woe, I do think that they did a great job on the finale of the intrepid saga. But I will most definitely not be attending the convention that I was so kindly invited to by some hardcore twi hard fan in the bathroom – thanks but no thanks, the marathon was too much for me. 

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Streetfest Exhibition


The new Streetfest photography exhibition is on display now at Boxpark Gallery in Shoreditch – celebrating what has been another great year of street art, music and sport they’re rounding it off with a great exhibition telling their story to date in photographs. Head down before the 30th to this great selection of imagery showcasing the history of Streetfest so far.

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End of Summer // Barcelona

Great new short skate film featuring Zane Brough, Sam Maccabe and Chris Hickson. Filmed in 17 days in Barcelona August/September 2012

Filmed and Edited by Chris Hickson

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Surfers Against Sewage // Petition


Surfers Against Sewage are calling for 100,000 signatures to protect UK waves. Sewage, litter and offshore developments are threatening to kill our waves our waves, so get signing the petition to save them.

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Two London based girls, set out on a trip and ended up with more than
they bargained for. Discovering unique designers, creating handmade,
customised one off pieces and great vintage markets and these girls
wanted to bring it back to the UK. Their handmade and vintage selections promise to give you one off unique pieces.This new online store is home to new, handmade and vintage clothing, so there really is something for everyone – set your individual style free.

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Paul McCartney earned a £1 at Opening Ceremony


For Paul McCartney’s biggest gig of the year, being the featured performer at the London Olympic Opening Ceremony he earned himself £1! Along with Mike Oldfield, Dizzie Rascal and Emelie Sandè who are also thought to have been paid the token gesture to bind the contract, as the big names had initially agreed to play for free.

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Amnesty International // BoxPark


Amnesty International launched its first ever concept store earlier this year in the unique BoxPark shopping mall. Throughout 2012 the Amnesty shop at Unit 56 will be elusively stocking their brand new collaboration collection, produced by CultureLabel. To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moment, Amnesty International has called in creative British talent a ranging from Stuart Semple, Corrie Williamson, Jimbob Art Ceramics and The New English to provide their artistic interpretation of ‘freedom of expression’.

Amnesty International have collaborated with Graffiti Artist Chu and Article 22 – peaceBOMB- to produce some great one off limited editions only available at Amnesty’s shop at BoxPark to increase awareness of the ongoing negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty.

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Back online


So both my phone and iPad decide to not connect to any Internet for the last few days, which is not helpful – but I’ve got lots of pictures and exciting places to share with you which we have discovered over the last few days. So when I’m back in London, I’m keen to compile a list of my top places to visit and what to do while in the fabulous city of Barcelona.

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Sunshine Boys


We went to see The Sunshine Boys at The Savoy Theatre last night, starring Danny DeVito and Richard Griffiths and what a fantastic production! Truly brilliant and hilarious. I’ve never seen the original film, but my mother is a big fan and I’m positive the theatre production did the film justice. The energy between DeVito and Griffiths was great, they really are a brilliant duo and advise anyone to go see them before it finishes at the end of the month. You will not be disappointed.

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