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Glorious Royal Parks Half Marathon


An 8.30am start last Sunday saw the 12,500 participants in this year’s Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon gather in the glorious autumn sunshine in Hyde Park. Both my dad and my uncle took part this year and completed the marathon in great time (well done guys!) and have fully inspired both myself and Max to train this year to take part next year! We are going to do it for charity – Max is going to run for Beating Bowel Cancer and I am going to run for the Alzheimer’s Society. Very much looking forward to taking part in this annual run next year through central London’s most famous parks! Bring on the training.

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Hyper Realist


Very impressed by Vesna Bursich’s hyper realist paintings. The ability to paint so perfectly, resembling a photograph. It baffles me especially with Bursich’s crumbled paper flawlessly recreating the crumbled paper effect with precision shadows, reflection and detail.

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Self Publish, Be Happy


Self Publish, Be Happy is s project aimed at helping aspiring photographers to produce their own books. And they have now released a work of its own.

Only two years old, Self Publish, Be Happy is a renowned hub for aspiring photographers and artists. Founded by Bruno Ceschel with aim of “celebrating, studying and promoting self published photo books” through events publications and the internet. Accompanied with workshops that show photographers how to make and distribute their own books.

SPBH are now publishing a book of their own; entitled AB&OC which features the work of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. It sounds like a fabulous book, made up of a selection of polaroids, including test shots for editorial shoots. There is a range of work in the book, including portraits of Amy Winehouse, Paula Rego to name a few alongside still lifes of skulls, leaves and a bird nest. The print run is 250 and with each book an original polaroid mounted on the cover.

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In Glass Houses



These visually stunning houses have been designed by Italian design duo Santambrogio aka Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosic, who have designed two beautiful homes constructed entirely of blue hued glass. Each of the houses were built in two juxtaposing locations, giving them a unique relation of both the interior and exterior environments. Every element of the structures are made of glass, even down to the bed frame. Simplicity is key for these designers, eliminating visual boundaries by using glass as the primary tool.

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Conor Green // Graphic Designer


Conor Green is a 20 year old student currently studying BA Graphic Design at University of the Creative Arts. Conor aims to challenge the ideals behind graphic design, seeing himself as more of a conceptual designer. This allows him, to not be restricted to the same medium or format, and often explores a variety of processes and methods that take him out of his comfort zone and applies the right amount of pressure to help him find new and different ways to portray a message. Through this he has worked in fashion design, creative writing, pottery, sculpture, moving image, light manipulation and interactive installation with many other mediums in between.

This series of collages are featured and illustrate a Zine called The Bird Race. The Zine contains several of these works of art and a short story about an on edge race of birds from the fictional point of the commentator. Each collage represents a chapter or event in the story. The Zine itself was published in a chronicle of young artist work.

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Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

In love with this song, and the video even more. Really reminds me of the work of Martha Rosler with her series of photomontages from Bringing the War Home : House Beautiful.
It is quite nice and refreshing to see an original music video.

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102 Days till Glastonbury 2013 Tickets Go On Sale


Sunday October 7th 2012 at 9am, Glastonbury 2013 tickets go on sale! After attending last years Glastonbury, I am very much keen to go again, such a brilliant atmosphere and so much going on. Can not wait. I am going to be armed with telephones ands internet browsers at the ready for the morning of October 7th.

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Three Artists, One Song // Converse


So for Converse recent Three Artists, One Song line up features three dynamic and distinct artists; Mark Foster lead singer of Foster the People, rising start Kimbra and trendsetting Canadian DJ A-Trak have bought us a fresh spring time tune with a fabulously fun music video.
This is the seventh Three Artists, One Song series. Of which each new collaboration you get blown away by the talent these artists have and how they come together to express themselves. Converse has a strong history of supporting artistic creativity in the fields of music, sport, art and fashion. Artists that have taken part in the collaborations include Gorillaz, James Murphy and Andre 300 amongst other great collabs. This fantastic initiative is a fun and fresh and is an exciting outlet to blend the best of each artists talent and personalities. All of the artists featured in Three Artists, One Song have come together to create an original song which is made available to music fans globally for free.

‘Warrior’ – Mark Foster, Kimbra and A-Trak

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