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Maze // Gordan Ramsey


Maze has an exciting menu encompassing the traditional French cuisine with an Asian influence in tasting sized dishes, allowing the diners to sample an array of flavours and textures. We recently went for a spot of lunch at Gordan Ramsey’s Maze in Grosvenor Square and went for their exciting lunch bites menu; four courses for £25. Choosing from a range of savoury and sweet dishes I opted for the steamed sea bream to start with brussel sprouts, enoki mushrooms, ginger and dashi which gave a very fragrant light dish followed by the pork dumplings in an aromatic mushroom broth which really flared the Asian fusion influence. I finished my savoury dishes with the braised beef feather blade accompanied with a pomme puree which was divine, melt in the mouth beef with a rich pomme puree with an exciting twist from the togarashi spice gave a traditional dish an exciting contemporary touch. My sweet followed; a gorgeous parfait with a very festive clove ice cream got me very excited for the afternoon of Christmas shopping. This four course menu for £25 is very much worth it, with generous sized tasting dishes and an extensive cocktail and wine list it’s ideal for a lunch out with girls or treating your partner to a little fine dining. 


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Twi Hard

So yesterday saw me and a friend sit in a cinema chair for over twelve hours to watch the Twilight marathon in Leicester Square, and boy was it a Twilight frenzy. I was a bit of a late bloomer getting into the films, only really getting absorbed within it last year so I had never really experienced the hardcore fans – and an experience it was. 

I couldn’t believe the roller coaster of emotions that some of the ‘twi hard’ fans experienced while watching the marathon yesterday. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a great franchise, but my goodness this people took it to a new extreme. The 12 hour day was inter spliced with short intervals and pre film programmes, including clips from the stars and interviews with fans which broke up the films – cheers and chants would be sung at the countdowns to the next chapter of the saga and don’t get me started when Taylor Lautner who plays the rather dashing Jacob takes off his shirt in New Moon there was a real mix of emotions from people screaming in awe to crying – people even brought boxes of tissues with them, preparation much?

It was a great experience, but my goodness after 12 hours on a cinema chair I could barely stumble home and after two snoozes, one in film one and the other in Breaking Dawn Part One I barely got to midnight to watch the newly released Part Two of the epic finale, and epic it was. My favourite part being the battle scene lasting 20 minutes with heads being ripped off, faces being kicked in and lots of anticipation and woe, I do think that they did a great job on the finale of the intrepid saga. But I will most definitely not be attending the convention that I was so kindly invited to by some hardcore twi hard fan in the bathroom – thanks but no thanks, the marathon was too much for me. 

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I have always been a big fan of food. My father is a chef, so I have always been surrounded by lovely foods. I have never really been a huge fan of dieting, so the Yan Plan seemed perfect and the great results I have seen by friends and family I had to give it a go. After being in contact with Yan I started a ten week plan, although based in London this was not an issue, with weekly Skype calls with him and support via email and by phone while also receiving exciting recipes via email, throughout the whole process Yan was very supportive. During my second week of the ten week plan I had to undergo surgery and was off work for six weeks – so exercise was out of the question. So for the first 8 weeks I was purely following the food direction, eating regularly and often. It was great, by following this eating pattern I was never hungry or craving anything naughty – I was eating the right things at the right time. By doing this my energy levels were through the roof, being a student we love our sleep but there was no need for a sneaky afternoon snooze. I was bit skeptical that if I wasn’t doing any exercise would I actually loose any weight? However I lost 25lbs! Just under two stone with no exercise what so ever! I wouldn’t say that The Yan Plan is a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice and I am definitely a changed person – pasta and breads were a staple in my diet which obviously isn’t great for the waistline and after my ten week plan he has changed my health, wellbeing and outlook on food for ever.

His ‘Yan Plan’ is a dietary and fitness regime which dispels a lot of myths about what you can and can’t do or eat. If you are interested in finding out more about the ‘Yan Plan’ you can find him on Facebook at or visit his website here

Light Your Fire With The Yan Plan

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What a palava?!


It’s been a bit of a crazy few days, but it has been lovely to be back in Cornwall for a short break, catching up with family and friends. Our little break down all began with our brief trip up to Yorkshire to see Max’s brother, which was great fun – but getting up there, what a palava! For the first time Max booked the tickets, and he thought he was picking them up at the station however they were actually supposed to be delivered but had never arrived and at 10 o’clock the night before our extremely early train he only just realised. Nightmare! So after calling up Travel Line first thing in the morning to try and sort out this sticky situation they refused to give us an option to pick up at the station, even though they knew they hadn’t arrived but failed to inform us. Will not be using them again. We had no other option but to purchase new tickets, at the extortionate same day prices. But hey ho, will not be making that mistake again. They will most definitely be receiving a lovely long complaint letter from us. I had never been to Yorkshire before, and it was probably the furthest up country I have been, so it was all very exciting – I really loved where Josh lived, it was so adorable, it was a small town with only shops you needed; a butchers, post office, DIY store, a barbers and a pub…it was perfect. Already planning the next trip up.
But our treacherous travels didn’t end there, with plans to head to Cornwall a few days later, we were met immediately by major traffic disruption on the motorway as soon as we left due to a severe accident in which we ended up being diverted towards Grimsby!! Completely the wrong direction which added about two hours onto a already very long journey. But we finally got on the road and made up for good time – so we weren’t too tired for a wedding the next day.

So after a great few days in Cornwall; Max has jetted off to Malia for a ‘lads’ holiday in the sunshine with some friends, of which I am looking forward to hearing all the stories when they get back next week ( I think?!?). As for me, I am still down here for a few days, catching up with the girls at the weekend and spending some time with the family. However I am very much in need of cracking on with some research and work for my third year which is looming ever closer and with the big move in just under two weeks I am panicking ever so slightly. But at least it is lovely weather here! 

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Amnesty International // BoxPark


Amnesty International launched its first ever concept store earlier this year in the unique BoxPark shopping mall. Throughout 2012 the Amnesty shop at Unit 56 will be elusively stocking their brand new collaboration collection, produced by CultureLabel. To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moment, Amnesty International has called in creative British talent a ranging from Stuart Semple, Corrie Williamson, Jimbob Art Ceramics and The New English to provide their artistic interpretation of ‘freedom of expression’.

Amnesty International have collaborated with Graffiti Artist Chu and Article 22 – peaceBOMB- to produce some great one off limited editions only available at Amnesty’s shop at BoxPark to increase awareness of the ongoing negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty.

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The infamous Wall & Decò is renowned for fabulous, large scale mural like wallpapers, that really make a room. Often found in hotels and restaurants and for private residences by interior designers, Wall and Decò have now introduced an exciting new wallpaper system designed for outdoors….how awesome is that!?!? And for the technical people out there, their OUT (Outdoor Unconventional Textures) system is a three part covering that allows for high quality photographic reproductions and large scale graphic designs to be applied onto outside walls. This system consists of an adhesive, a technical fabric and a finishing treatment. Pretty impressive.

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Flat Iron Steak // The Owl and Pussycat



Redchurch Street is a hotspot for galleries, boutique and cafe-bars. Amongst the fabulous array of exciting happenings down in the East End, there is the The Owl and Pussycat, a traditional East End pub which boasts a restaurant on the first floor with an exquisite and exciting menu alongside the main bar downstairs with a choice of ales, fine wines and cocktails accompanied with a traditional pub menu.
This July, Flat Iron will be hosting a pop up steak and cocktail restaurant upstairs at The Owl and Pussycat. Renowned for new craft butchery, and remarkable steak Flat Iron’s pop up project is set to be a great success. We will definitely be booking our table up early. The pop up steak and cocktail project opens Wednesday 18th July 2012.


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Child Hood // Royal Academy of Arts


With over 150 works on display, The Royal Academy of Arts and Kids Company are showcasing work from the children they work with ranging from paintings, sculptures and poetry. Admission is free, so all should pop in or join in on their panel debates.

Child Hood : The Real Event until 22 July at the Royal Academy of Arts 

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The Nissan Juke-R Norway Ice Track

Here is the Nissan Advert that Maxs’ track features on.

After taking on supercars and the streets of Dubai in Desert Nemesis, Lucas Ordonez is back in Europe — but this isn’t the Spanish sunshine he’s used to. Revved up and ready to go, Lucas and the Nissan Juke-R have to get a grip on the Losna Isbane Ice Track.

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Vintage Fair


East London’s biggest vintage fair is opening its doors one again this June at Shoreditch Town Hall. There will be a variety of sixty stalls from some of the UK’s best vintage traders, offering both men and women clothing, home ware, jewellery, accessories and much more. Also nestled among the stalls; a vintage tea room holding a scrumptious tea party and a rather glamourous sounding pop up beauty parlour which will be run by ‘Lipstick and Curls’ where I shall be getting pampered and preened. Definately Looking forward to this one.

Saturday 16th June

Shoreditch Town Hall
Old Street

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