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Some crazy chic, Dakota Fox poledancing blindfolded for charity to one of Max’s tracks! Haha Check it out.

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Koven – Quite Life [Alphasphere]

Alphasphere is a brand new midi controller that has been designed for electronic music. It allows you to be expressive with music through a series of tactile pressure sensitive pads. Simply load the Alphasphere with your own sounds, or connect to an existing digital audio workstation with the intuitive software – allowing you to get hands on with electronic music, changing the way you play. Max was fortunate to get his hands on a prototype of this exciting new product by award winning company nu desine, a team of musicians, engineers and developers based in Bristol. Check out the video above to see him in action with this innovative product, the Alphasphere which is at the frontline of the new music revolution.

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You wouldn’t Adam and Eve it


You would not believe the last few weeks. Just as we thought everything was back on track…boom. With ten days before our move in date into the new place we received a rather lovely answer phone message from our estate agents informing us that our prospective landlord has to sell his property portfolio due to bankruptcy including ours!!! In our current climate people are spending way beyond their means and we are now feeling the repercussions of someones stupidity and excessive spending. No wonder this country is up shits creek. Anyway rant over.
So posts have been non existant with all the chaos recently, but we finally feel that we are back on track with every element of our lives and with bundles of energy Something About will be too.

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As if they tweeted you!


Max was complaining on social networking sites about leg room on his flight to Malia when flying through Monarch airlines, he was tweeted back by the airline…


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What a palava?!


It’s been a bit of a crazy few days, but it has been lovely to be back in Cornwall for a short break, catching up with family and friends. Our little break down all began with our brief trip up to Yorkshire to see Max’s brother, which was great fun – but getting up there, what a palava! For the first time Max booked the tickets, and he thought he was picking them up at the station however they were actually supposed to be delivered but had never arrived and at 10 o’clock the night before our extremely early train he only just realised. Nightmare! So after calling up Travel Line first thing in the morning to try and sort out this sticky situation they refused to give us an option to pick up at the station, even though they knew they hadn’t arrived but failed to inform us. Will not be using them again. We had no other option but to purchase new tickets, at the extortionate same day prices. But hey ho, will not be making that mistake again. They will most definitely be receiving a lovely long complaint letter from us. I had never been to Yorkshire before, and it was probably the furthest up country I have been, so it was all very exciting – I really loved where Josh lived, it was so adorable, it was a small town with only shops you needed; a butchers, post office, DIY store, a barbers and a pub…it was perfect. Already planning the next trip up.
But our treacherous travels didn’t end there, with plans to head to Cornwall a few days later, we were met immediately by major traffic disruption on the motorway as soon as we left due to a severe accident in which we ended up being diverted towards Grimsby!! Completely the wrong direction which added about two hours onto a already very long journey. But we finally got on the road and made up for good time – so we weren’t too tired for a wedding the next day.

So after a great few days in Cornwall; Max has jetted off to Malia for a ‘lads’ holiday in the sunshine with some friends, of which I am looking forward to hearing all the stories when they get back next week ( I think?!?). As for me, I am still down here for a few days, catching up with the girls at the weekend and spending some time with the family. However I am very much in need of cracking on with some research and work for my third year which is looming ever closer and with the big move in just under two weeks I am panicking ever so slightly. But at least it is lovely weather here! 

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Koven – Quiet Life // Alphasphere


As promised Koven had a little surprise; and it’s gone live today!
He has uploaded it on his youtube channel; it is a great new video which showcases his fabulous new gadget the ‘alphasphere’ – also available is a free download of his new song featured in the video! Check it out here

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A few days ago Koven promised you a surprise… Keep your eyes peeled for “Koven – Quite Life” in the next few days.

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A Hint of Winter


Most people are complaining about the weather, but not me. I love the rain and thunder and lighting, it makes me feel all cosy and wintery (and it gets me very festive feeling – only 121 days to go by the way). I am normally working weekends so we haven’t been able to enjoy the chilled out vibes of the weekend together for a long time, so we are very much soaking it up today, watching the football, few movies and packing up our flat for our upcoming move.
We stumbled across a really cool advertising campaign recently for Grolsch beer recently; where you have the opportunity to win some free beer, its really weird but really cool. Both of us won! So we have eight free beers to watch the football with today…always tastes better when you didn’t pay for it! You should head over to their site to check it out.

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Have been out of action for so long


It’s been a while … Been a bit under the weather and still recovering. But with all the time I have had on my hands, I have been able to do a lot of thinking about a lot of stuff in general; Something About, work, my third and final year of university amongst a lot of Max’s happenings too with his new EP completed and with us moving house – it is all rather exciting, be it crazy, but very exciting. But we finally feel as if we are back on track again.

To start with we are thinking that Something About should have a slight change in direction giving it more of a personal touch including showcasing events we’ve attended, taken part in or hosted, sharing photographs and snippets of our lives as well as anything and everything that tickles our interest. With perhaps a focus and outlet for reviews for new music releases, events and upcoming artists. Unfortunately due to university and work commitments posts wont be as regular as before, however we feel the content will have more depth and on more of a personal level. We want Something About to be a creative outlet for ourselves and our interests.

It’s at a very exciting time at the moment for us both, although very busy – Max with his recently completed new EP, which is sounding really great and we cant wait to share a sneak peak with you. He has also just received a rather snazzy new toy (which he hasn’t put down yet, looks and sounds amazing!) of which he will be incorporating within his Koven sets. Also our dear friend and vocalist in Koven, Kate, is moving up to the big smoke tomorrow, which is going to be fabulous!

As for me, my third and final year of university is beckoning and I can’t decide whether I am excited or nervous. I literally can not believe how fast the past two years have flown by, we have been living in London for two years…where has the time gone! But now is the time to buckle up and focus on the coming academic year…wish me luck.

And for the remainder of the week we finally have a little bit of time for each other, thinking about heading to central, shopping, grabbing a bite to eat or perhaps a stroll through Hyde Park tomorrow, then back to our flat to start packing up our stuff for the new house before our busy few weeks ahead.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.

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Back Soon


Taking a few days off sick. Will be backup in a week or so. With some exciting events coming up in London, exciting new products I have recently stumbled upon, updates on Koven’s new material and an insight into potential projects for my final year of uni.

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