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Twi Hard

So yesterday saw me and a friend sit in a cinema chair for over twelve hours to watch the Twilight marathon in Leicester Square, and boy was it a Twilight frenzy. I was a bit of a late bloomer getting into the films, only really getting absorbed within it last year so I had never really experienced the hardcore fans – and an experience it was. 

I couldn’t believe the roller coaster of emotions that some of the ‘twi hard’ fans experienced while watching the marathon yesterday. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a great franchise, but my goodness this people took it to a new extreme. The 12 hour day was inter spliced with short intervals and pre film programmes, including clips from the stars and interviews with fans which broke up the films – cheers and chants would be sung at the countdowns to the next chapter of the saga and don’t get me started when Taylor Lautner who plays the rather dashing Jacob takes off his shirt in New Moon there was a real mix of emotions from people screaming in awe to crying – people even brought boxes of tissues with them, preparation much?

It was a great experience, but my goodness after 12 hours on a cinema chair I could barely stumble home and after two snoozes, one in film one and the other in Breaking Dawn Part One I barely got to midnight to watch the newly released Part Two of the epic finale, and epic it was. My favourite part being the battle scene lasting 20 minutes with heads being ripped off, faces being kicked in and lots of anticipation and woe, I do think that they did a great job on the finale of the intrepid saga. But I will most definitely not be attending the convention that I was so kindly invited to by some hardcore twi hard fan in the bathroom – thanks but no thanks, the marathon was too much for me. 

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End of Summer // Barcelona

Great new short skate film featuring Zane Brough, Sam Maccabe and Chris Hickson. Filmed in 17 days in Barcelona August/September 2012

Filmed and Edited by Chris Hickson

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Koven – Quite Life [Alphasphere]

Alphasphere is a brand new midi controller that has been designed for electronic music. It allows you to be expressive with music through a series of tactile pressure sensitive pads. Simply load the Alphasphere with your own sounds, or connect to an existing digital audio workstation with the intuitive software – allowing you to get hands on with electronic music, changing the way you play. Max was fortunate to get his hands on a prototype of this exciting new product by award winning company nu desine, a team of musicians, engineers and developers based in Bristol. Check out the video above to see him in action with this innovative product, the Alphasphere which is at the frontline of the new music revolution.

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Koven – Quiet Life // Alphasphere


As promised Koven had a little surprise; and it’s gone live today!
He has uploaded it on his youtube channel; it is a great new video which showcases his fabulous new gadget the ‘alphasphere’ – also available is a free download of his new song featured in the video! Check it out here

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Chanel Surfboards


The renowned Parisian fashion house Chanel have designed a stunning set of surfboards. The haute couture brand have created these fabulous surfboards in the original Chanel classic style; with black, white and red as their chosen colours. Hmmm glamourous surfing, after 18 years of living in Cornwall and barely being able to even stand up; maybe if I were to have one of these chic surfboards maybe it would of been a different story. At $4000 a board, I don’t think I will be getting one anytime soon though.

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Two London based girls, set out on a trip and ended up with more than
they bargained for. Discovering unique designers, creating handmade,
customised one off pieces and great vintage markets and these girls
wanted to bring it back to the UK. Their handmade and vintage selections promise to give you one off unique pieces.This new online store is home to new, handmade and vintage clothing, so there really is something for everyone – set your individual style free.

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The second trailer for the forthcoming Bond film, Skyfall was released yesterday and boy am I excited, looks to be some epic action sequences!
Roll on October.

Hyper Realist


Very impressed by Vesna Bursich’s hyper realist paintings. The ability to paint so perfectly, resembling a photograph. It baffles me especially with Bursich’s crumbled paper flawlessly recreating the crumbled paper effect with precision shadows, reflection and detail.

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Playful Promises


Playful Promises is a London based brand which “mixes quirky, directional design with all things playful, flirty and even a little bit dirty”. Their beautiful collection has a great range consisting of corsets, bras and panties, quirky gifts and swimwear. They are stocked in over 200 stores worldwide, their own boutiques and available on their website and currently have Unit 14 at the innovative BoxPark mall in Shoreditch.

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Self Publish, Be Happy


Self Publish, Be Happy is s project aimed at helping aspiring photographers to produce their own books. And they have now released a work of its own.

Only two years old, Self Publish, Be Happy is a renowned hub for aspiring photographers and artists. Founded by Bruno Ceschel with aim of “celebrating, studying and promoting self published photo books” through events publications and the internet. Accompanied with workshops that show photographers how to make and distribute their own books.

SPBH are now publishing a book of their own; entitled AB&OC which features the work of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. It sounds like a fabulous book, made up of a selection of polaroids, including test shots for editorial shoots. There is a range of work in the book, including portraits of Amy Winehouse, Paula Rego to name a few alongside still lifes of skulls, leaves and a bird nest. The print run is 250 and with each book an original polaroid mounted on the cover.

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