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Pulsecode is the production alias of 19 year old Simon Kitt. Hailing from the South West this young producer is set to take the electronic music scene by storm. With a great combination of garage, techno and old school baselines this exciting new EP from the talented Pulsecode no doubt will transport you back to the Ibiza summers of the 90’s with a innovative contemporary edge.

The EP kicks off with On The Pulse, a two step garage tune that will no doubt be gracing your club nights. With huge build ups blasting through, leading to minimalistic bass lines with a twist of dubstep, On The Pulse really sets the standards for this elevating and gutsy EP. 

Heavy On The Hummus follows with a touch of house with swirling synths in quite a minimal style as it moves and flows into a jungle influence creating an interesting dynamic to the piece.

Track three, Here With Me channels some old school bass lines with a strong fusion of garage and techno forming a crowd worthy track with a hooky vocal showcase – extracting the voice and using it as an instrument within this heavily dance rooted track really pushes the boat out for an epic finish and intrepid EP from the talented young Pulsecode.

Pulsecode’s first EP will be available for digital purchase from the 3rd of December, being released through the cutting edge label, Disco’s Dead Records. Head over to to keep up to date with their mixes and releases featuring some of the South West’s freshest talent. 

Pulsecode // Review

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Disco’s Dead


Had a great afternoon listening to some of Disco’s Deads fresh talent. Review will be up soon of there first release due out at the beginning of December. Big things for this label.

Head over to their site to check out more information about releases and mixes.

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There’s nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it.


There’s nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it” Mickey Hart

After coming back to London we had a rather musically inclined few days. Firstly hitting up Cargo in Shoreditch on Wednesday to check out Deavious hosted by Not Another. It was good to get down there and finally see Deavious live, after seeing Deavious progress so much in the last few years and after the release of his highly anticipated album Tin Man Army (Buy here – it was great to finally see him on stage and with such great presence and impeccable flow – he really had the crowd pumping and was loving being up there. Dropping some of his key tracks from his recent album, Tin Man Army accompanied with some new material he is currently working from his upcoming Yellow Bricks mix tape we are definitely looking forward to his new release and to seeing his face more in the circuit.

Thursday saw us head down to Idiosynphonic’s part two of their second birthday celebrations at Relay in London Bridge. Although I have been to Cable more times than I can count, their sister club Relay was a first for me and what a great club it is – originally the mysterious third room of Cable which I didn’t even know existed the sister club is a standalone space in its own right. Headliners of the night saw Zeds Dead ( come over from Canada playing an unmissable set for all electronic dance fans amalgamating aspects of electro house, hip hop and glitch genres into their largely dubstep platform. Following Zed’s Dead on Thursday, Koven smashed the evening with an admirable set with energetic sounds infused with grinding bass combinations which really set the club off. His set integrated some if his classic tunes like Wake You Up with some astounding new material he has been working on. You can keep up to date with any new releases of Koven’s on

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Groundbreaking Remote Orchestra Concept


A speedy sell out for Aphex Twin’s one off evening at London’s Barbican Hall, accompanied by The Heritage Orchestra and Choir. The show will be include his first UK performance of his innovative Remote Orchestra concept. This groundbreaking show was first developed last year for the European Culture Congress in Poland, the Remote Orchestra performance sees Aphex Twin conducting a 28 piece string section and a 12 strong choir by remote control. The electronic maestro will be playing this rare London show at the Barbican Hall on October 10th 2012. Although I cant make it personally, I am looking forward to hearing the feedback from this pioneering artists show. 

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Follow This Yellow Brick Road


If you missed Deavious’s third album release earlier this month you can buy it here from The album features sixteen tracks of pure unadulterated hip hop and a list of collaborations ‘that make your ears wet with excitement’ with names such as Jazmyn Mary and producer/DJ, Koven. Tin Man Army is one yellow brick road that you wont want to see the end of – and for £5 it’s an absolute steal. 

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Hyper Realist


Very impressed by Vesna Bursich’s hyper realist paintings. The ability to paint so perfectly, resembling a photograph. It baffles me especially with Bursich’s crumbled paper flawlessly recreating the crumbled paper effect with precision shadows, reflection and detail.

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Anna Duthie // Textile Designer


Recently graduating from Glasgow School of Art, Anna Duthie textile designer has a fabulous graduate collection which reflects her appreciation for pattern, surface embellishment, contrasting textures and colour palettes. Her presentation and illustration are works of art in themselves. Her 2012 graduate collection is inspired by the decorative facades of traditional Norwegian wooden houses. Her fabrics evolve from pattern drawing, collage and colour observation into embroideries for contemporary womenswear garments. She employs a range of methods and techniques, such as beading, stitching and patchwork alongside printed textures and hand dying Anna creates unusual and original fashion fabrics.

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Conor Green // Graphic Designer


Conor Green is a 20 year old student currently studying BA Graphic Design at University of the Creative Arts. Conor aims to challenge the ideals behind graphic design, seeing himself as more of a conceptual designer. This allows him, to not be restricted to the same medium or format, and often explores a variety of processes and methods that take him out of his comfort zone and applies the right amount of pressure to help him find new and different ways to portray a message. Through this he has worked in fashion design, creative writing, pottery, sculpture, moving image, light manipulation and interactive installation with many other mediums in between.

This series of collages are featured and illustrate a Zine called The Bird Race. The Zine contains several of these works of art and a short story about an on edge race of birds from the fictional point of the commentator. Each collage represents a chapter or event in the story. The Zine itself was published in a chronicle of young artist work.

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Deavious Tin Man Army Release Date


The very talented Deavious has a release date for his highly anticipated forthcoming album, Tin Man Army.
Early next month, on the 6th July Tin Man Army will be released with both physical copies which can be purchased  from or by digital download from

So be sure to keep an eye out for Deavious’ Tin Man Army, if you missed it we caught up with Deavious himself a few months back to tell us a little bit more about his album and what he has been up to here

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BBNK Collective


‘BBNK’ is a collaboration between four London based photographers responding to the everyday. With the overall purpose of compelling their audience to re-assess the way in which they view the commonplace, pushing the boundaries of art by using a sense of realism to merge art with the everyday.

Photography has been used in many different ways. We use photographs as memories to record the lives of ourselves and others, we use the cameras objective eye to document the world as it is, we use photographs as objects to hold and display, and as contemporary art objects to be displayed upon gallery walls. Since its announcement in 1839, photography has always been associated with representations of the real.

Exploring the theme of ‘Discovery’, each artist has produced a site-specific body of work, responding to particular spaces and discovering the potential of art within them, essentially exposing an alternative way of looking at and interacting with the everyday. Each body of work is representative of something already in existence, its potential as art stunted by its inability to be noticed or brought to the attention of others previously. Exploring the visual language of photography, each body of work attempts to shift perceptions of the everyday.

Through photography, the commonplace matter is given a visual charge and imaginative possibility beyond its everyday function. Luscious and sensual treatment, shifts in scale of typical environments, simple juxtapositions and relationships between shapes and forms are employed within the work of this collaboration, cultivating the visual curiosity of the viewer by subtly and imaginatively encouraging them to contemplate the stuff of the world surrounding them in their daily lives in unfamiliar ways.

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