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Very impressed by Tim Noble’s and Sue Webster’s sculpture at the Saatchi gallery, it may appear to be a pile of debris, but when lit at the right angle, a shadow is formed creating an astounding self portrait of the artists.

Impressive Self Portrait

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Streetfest Exhibition


The new Streetfest photography exhibition is on display now at Boxpark Gallery in Shoreditch – celebrating what has been another great year of street art, music and sport they’re rounding it off with a great exhibition telling their story to date in photographs. Head down before the 30th to this great selection of imagery showcasing the history of Streetfest so far.

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Have been out of action for so long


It’s been a while … Been a bit under the weather and still recovering. But with all the time I have had on my hands, I have been able to do a lot of thinking about a lot of stuff in general; Something About, work, my third and final year of university amongst a lot of Max’s happenings too with his new EP completed and with us moving house – it is all rather exciting, be it crazy, but very exciting. But we finally feel as if we are back on track again.

To start with we are thinking that Something About should have a slight change in direction giving it more of a personal touch including showcasing events we’ve attended, taken part in or hosted, sharing photographs and snippets of our lives as well as anything and everything that tickles our interest. With perhaps a focus and outlet for reviews for new music releases, events and upcoming artists. Unfortunately due to university and work commitments posts wont be as regular as before, however we feel the content will have more depth and on more of a personal level. We want Something About to be a creative outlet for ourselves and our interests.

It’s at a very exciting time at the moment for us both, although very busy – Max with his recently completed new EP, which is sounding really great and we cant wait to share a sneak peak with you. He has also just received a rather snazzy new toy (which he hasn’t put down yet, looks and sounds amazing!) of which he will be incorporating within his Koven sets. Also our dear friend and vocalist in Koven, Kate, is moving up to the big smoke tomorrow, which is going to be fabulous!

As for me, my third and final year of university is beckoning and I can’t decide whether I am excited or nervous. I literally can not believe how fast the past two years have flown by, we have been living in London for two years…where has the time gone! But now is the time to buckle up and focus on the coming academic year…wish me luck.

And for the remainder of the week we finally have a little bit of time for each other, thinking about heading to central, shopping, grabbing a bite to eat or perhaps a stroll through Hyde Park tomorrow, then back to our flat to start packing up our stuff for the new house before our busy few weeks ahead.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.

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Anna Duthie // Textile Designer


Recently graduating from Glasgow School of Art, Anna Duthie textile designer has a fabulous graduate collection which reflects her appreciation for pattern, surface embellishment, contrasting textures and colour palettes. Her presentation and illustration are works of art in themselves. Her 2012 graduate collection is inspired by the decorative facades of traditional Norwegian wooden houses. Her fabrics evolve from pattern drawing, collage and colour observation into embroideries for contemporary womenswear garments. She employs a range of methods and techniques, such as beading, stitching and patchwork alongside printed textures and hand dying Anna creates unusual and original fashion fabrics.

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Calling all creatives – If you have an idea for a great project but don’t have the cash to get it going? IdeasTap are awarding £1000 to ten young artists or companies who want to make their ideas happen…You have to apply by 5pm this Friday.


IdeasTap Funding Opportunity For Young Creatives

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HATCH // stART space

HATCH caught up with myself and the pop up exhibition I recently co-hosted and made this great video.

HATCH, established in 2012, is a U.K based creative collective.
HATCH is an umbrella, under which they are involved in a variety of creative areas, such as art, design, photography and film. They are also pleased to announce their first line of clothing being released this summer, available on their online store. The website will be updated regularly with their various projects and activity. To keep up to date with HATCH follow them on ‘Twitter’,’ Facebook’ and ‘Tumblr’.
Their website is currently under construction but we will keep you updated when they’re fully up and running.

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Jade Blue Photography

Urban Forms
Urban Forms consists of a series of images stripped down to the pure geometric elements of the architecture photographed. By focusing on the visual aesthetics; form, shape and line it reveals the built form to its bare essentials affirming its geometry, proportion, symmetry and the strength of line and shape in design. 

I have a new site in the making at the moment, where you can keep up to date with my work, inspiration and exhibition reviews. So head over and have a little look around.

Jade Blue is a London based artist who is currently studying BA Photography at the London College of Communication. In her work Jade utilizes photography to explore human behaviour along with a strong interest in contemporary culture, taking real life experiences as inspiration. Using the mediums of photography and video, her practice is focused on the investigation of human behaviour and personal and impersonal spaces.


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No Shadow


Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki is engrossed by light. He uses light in ways that create impressive illusions and unique out of this world experiences in a inconspicuous and inquisitive manner. He creates large animal and human sculptures made up of strands of light, evoking a sense of playfulness, awe and possibility. I find myself absorbed within his work, unable to stop staring. Graduating from Kinki university in 1998 as an industrial design engineer and after a period designing home appliances, he launched his art career in 2003. Of the No Shadows pieces, he says “An object is seen when our eyes capture light that is reflected from the object. If we extract just the light that is reflected from ‘something’, are we still in the presence of that ‘something’? Using contours of light, I try to express this ‘something’.

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They Capture Everything About a Person That Needs to Be Captured.


Nathan Ford, hands down, makes my favorite kind of portraits in all the world. They just capture everything about a person that needs to be captured. They eliminate the need for excessive detail and photo realism that a lot of portrait artists seem to cling to. There are glimpes of genius in each painting as he hones in on accute areas of the face, like the eye or mouth, giving it a voice and letting it give you the information you need to read the rest of the painting. With the artists that choose to reproduce a face or image to perfection I sometimes feel myself, whilst always being impressed, a little bored and a little distanced from the piece. With Ford’s work, although some area’s are almost at that degree of detail, he still keeps a level of ambiguity and charming inperfection where he just uses tone and harsh directional line to indicate the shape of the face or ear etc. There is something really calming and easy about looking at a portrait by Ford that I haven’t found with many other artists. Like a lullaby for the eyes.

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Sucker For a Pin Up


Call me old fashioned, but I’m a sucker for a pin-up lady or two. There never will be, or never has been, a type of girl more perfect if you ask me. Saying that, images of them are becoming just a little bit tedious. Photo after photo of strategically placed girls in swimwear or little waist-clinching dresses have become the only context in which they we see them. That is why these images took my fancy so much, they have given the somewhat boring and overplayed cliché, a new lease of life in a brilliantly on-trend way. Like so many before it, it utilises the security of cubism whilst also introducing the excitement of hard, graphical shapes to appeal to not only younger audiences but to also strike a chord with the more traditional art types.

Anyway, I told you this wouldn’t be a full review, so that’s your lot on ‘FLOZ’ for now. If they carry on making shit hot stuff like this there will be more to come from me, fingers crossed!

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