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Dear Readers


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This and That


We’ve been a bit on the MIA on the post front. If i’m being honest my heart has’t been in it completely the last few weeks – as mentioned before the hectic big move and being back at uni and work I just haven’t had enough hours in the day! But thats no excuse so this is it, we’re back…properly! Been in touch with some exciting people and have been listening and seeing some great new material from music producers and artists. So do keep up to date with us you can follow us through our main site www.something-about.com, or through other social networking sites on Facebook at www.facebook.com/morethingsabout and Twitter at www.twitter.com/morethingsabout.

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WIWT.COM // Poppy Dinsey


Poppy Dinsey, 25 from, Guildford is founder of WIWT, a daily outfit social network.
WIMT is the UK’s largest sharing social network for those who love fashion and clothing. You can upload your daily outfit and browse others by location, mood or brand.
Poppy turned her style blog into a business. She started her blog from sheer frustration of the amount of clothes she had, but never wore. So on the first of January 2010, she made a resolution to wear something different everyday and upload her outfit photographs onto her blog. The concept caught on, and people soon starting sending her pictures of their own outfit and that’s when the penny dropped that their was a potential business there. In this day and age people love to share, whether it is what they’re doing, liking or wearing , as Poppy said herself ‘sharing is the new show and tell’. Since WIWT launched during fashion week in September 2011, over 26,000 outfits have been uploaded ranging from the girl in the bedroom shot, to somebody with stunning nail art. WIMT is the more accessible lookbook for all and it really shows the possibility and potential of online platforms.

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