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Calogero Cammalleri


This wont be anything close to a full blown review, partly because he hasn’t done anything close to a full blown amount of work, and partly because i’m too intimidated by his photos that I daren’t have too much of an opinion on them just yet. I stumbled across these photos on a nice little photography blog ‘500 Photographers’ (link at the bottom) and fell in love a little bit. He photographs as if he has lived through years of sorrow and anguise and long lost lovers… and he’s only just 19 which is a bit of a kick in the teeth. I’m not exactly sure what it is about his work that I like so much, they have a very similar feel to the photos of Francesca Woodman yet the lack of nudity and/or the female form brings to them a whole new focus on the face and it’s expression. They are hauting, and possess an unusual pained quality that makes me want to stare and stare at them in some kind of attempt to be-friend the young boy he uses as his subject. Definitely, definitely one to keep an on and I can only hope he hasn’t peaked too early and we have lots more genius to come.

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