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Pulsecode is the production alias of 19 year old Simon Kitt. Hailing from the South West this young producer is set to take the electronic music scene by storm. With a great combination of garage, techno and old school baselines this exciting new EP from the talented Pulsecode no doubt will transport you back to the Ibiza summers of the 90’s with a innovative contemporary edge.

The EP kicks off with On The Pulse, a two step garage tune that will no doubt be gracing your club nights. With huge build ups blasting through, leading to minimalistic bass lines with a twist of dubstep, On The Pulse really sets the standards for this elevating and gutsy EP. 

Heavy On The Hummus follows with a touch of house with swirling synths in quite a minimal style as it moves and flows into a jungle influence creating an interesting dynamic to the piece.

Track three, Here With Me channels some old school bass lines with a strong fusion of garage and techno forming a crowd worthy track with a hooky vocal showcase – extracting the voice and using it as an instrument within this heavily dance rooted track really pushes the boat out for an epic finish and intrepid EP from the talented young Pulsecode.

Pulsecode’s first EP will be available for digital purchase from the 3rd of December, being released through the cutting edge label, Disco’s Dead Records. Head over to www.discosdead.com to keep up to date with their mixes and releases featuring some of the South West’s freshest talent. 

Pulsecode // Review

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stART space is a group both myself and friend have recently formed. This June, we will be hosting our first pop up exhibition showcasing the work of talented young people. Raw London is our first and pilot pop up exhibition and will take place on Thursday 7th June 2012 at The Bear in Camberwell from 6.30 pm. We have an outstanding selection of work from young artists across London.

We are a London based organisation aiming to provide a platform for young artists to exhibit their work in a professional context, which is often for the first time. We aim to form a creative hub; an arts and community platform where young artists can post and upload work. We want to create a dialogue with fellow artists allowing people to discover, share and discuss work. We will be producing a bi-monthly zine which will include featured artists from your uploads, interviews with upcoming artists and industry professionals and keeping you up to date with exhibitions, workshops and what is going on in London. Along with the zine we will be holding pop up exhibitions and art fairs across London featuring your work.

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Head over and check out stART space’s first featured artist.

stART space


Kate started off studying art at a small sixth form in Cornwall, but she felt she wasn’t getting enough out of it. She made her move into wider areas of art halfway through her A-Levels when she decided to drop all of her un-art related subjects and start fresh with a full set of solely art based ones, where she immersed herself in whatever creative practice she could. Kate is flying the nest and moving to London late this summer to study at Camberwell College of Arts, where she hopes to get some “proper, real-world, out of Cornwall knowledge about art and how to do it”.

This set of images came from a project where I looked at the portrait and how it has evolved and morphed into something quite fluid, and definitely subjective, over the years. I wanted to create a sense of a portrait not…

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Pea Green Boat

Here is Pea Green Boat’s cover of the The Beatle’s ‘She’s Leaving Home’, highly recommend checking it out, really interesting and unique take on cover songs.
The video that is used is a live recording with overdubbed vocals that were added in post production.
You can get this track on a free download on their soundcloud; simply visit


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Bassism on Skit

Here is a short documentary on 21 year old london based producer, Skit. He has had releases on Ministry of Sound , 2 Much Bass , Resonance Audio and Betamorph Recordings. And with songs being played on Capital Fm, Clubland Tv , Get Darker Tv, Ministry of Sound Radio and Kane FM, Skit is most definitely a producer you keep you eye on this year!

Keep up to date with Skit this year with the links below



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Fresh Talent – Deavious

ImageDeavious’s free EP has been released TODAY. If you missed the review here it is below. Be sure to check it out.
You can download your free copy here

Self produced artist Deavious from Cornwall is set to release a free five track EP ahead of his upcoming album, Tin Man Army.
Something-About have had the opportunity to check out what Deavious has been up to over the last few months. Here is a review of his free EP released on the 20th of March.

“I’m a producer, a writer, a lover and a fighter”

‘Cornish hip hop? No way mate, that would never work’. Actually it does, as proven by Cornish born and bred, self produced hip hop artist Ellis Deaves, aka Deavious. The 19 year old dominated the Cornish hip hop scene for three years, smashing sets all over the county before he moved to the capital. And now he’s in London to deliver a metaphorical diving head-butt to the home of UK Hip Hop.
Snowballing off the back of his debut album ‘It’s not a heart’, featuring the haunting but high tempo track ‘Dust’ and the filthy, filthy stand out track ‘It’s not a heart’ produced by UK dubstep artist Koven, Deavious maintains his gritty ‘I’ll say what the fuck I want to say’ style on his up-coming 5 track EP titled ‘D’.

“Mr Dirty’s back and he’s gone fuckin’ mad”

‘Mr Dirty’s Back’, the opening song, is one of those tracks that when, even if you’re having most uplifting day – sun shining, birds singing, sitting in a lush green space, you’ll want to give the next bloke that walks past looking like he might have a slightly better life than you an absolute leathering. Thats the power the Mr Deaves has over his listener’s emotions, it’s not often you find a song where you can empathise with literally everything the artist said. With it’s hypnotic, ‘Portishead-esque’ instrumental and dark infuriating lyrics, ‘Mr Dirty’s Back’ is the perfect track to set the mood for dark, mesmerizing journey you’re about to go on.

“Stay heavy like Jabba the Hut and my shoes stay greener that Yoda’s nuts”

If Darth Vader wasn’t a fictional character set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, oh and spat bars, he would definitely feature on the second track of ‘D’ titled ‘Battlestar’. The track features the unmistakable Darth Vader theme song as an instrumental but with a sort of 90’s sega megadrive twist adding to the nostalgia the listener will feel when realising what the instrumental actually is. London based rapper ‘0.o’ also features on track with a witty style reminiscent of a certain Dr Syntax.
‘DeamOn’, the third track on the EP, features an instrumental with an industrial sort of vibe bringing to mind a kind of space aged Soviet Russia setting. Deavious kills each verse in the track over an array of metallic sounding drums and deep phazing bassline.

“A room with no walls just a window in front of me, playing back on every thought and every single memory”

The second to last track ‘Through the Glass Window’ can only de described as tear jerker, a track about losing a loved one is something almost everyone can relate to. The song features a minimalistic but extremely effective instrumental with the duration of the verses consisting of only Deavious himself, a flute and drum beat. The chorus features haunting female vocals that compliment perfectly the deep heart felt lyrics that Deavious delivers on track 4.

His final track ends the mixtape on a high note with the once again Deavious produced ‘It’s Dark’. The track features a bouncy upbeat instrumental and a verse from life long friend of Deaves and also Cornish born Robbers. The Cornish lads absolute smash the final track of the EP providing a perfect conclusion to a what can only be described as an absolute banger of a mixtape.

There really is no reason not to get your hands on these 5 tracks. They provide a promising insight into the future of music from the den of Deavious. The mixtape leaves the listener gagging for some more of Deavious’ dark delights and pave the way perfectly for his much awaited next LP ‘Tin Man Army’.

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