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Pulsecode is the production alias of 19 year old Simon Kitt. Hailing from the South West this young producer is set to take the electronic music scene by storm. With a great combination of garage, techno and old school baselines this exciting new EP from the talented Pulsecode no doubt will transport you back to the Ibiza summers of the 90’s with a innovative contemporary edge.

The EP kicks off with On The Pulse, a two step garage tune that will no doubt be gracing your club nights. With huge build ups blasting through, leading to minimalistic bass lines with a twist of dubstep, On The Pulse really sets the standards for this elevating and gutsy EP. 

Heavy On The Hummus follows with a touch of house with swirling synths in quite a minimal style as it moves and flows into a jungle influence creating an interesting dynamic to the piece.

Track three, Here With Me channels some old school bass lines with a strong fusion of garage and techno forming a crowd worthy track with a hooky vocal showcase – extracting the voice and using it as an instrument within this heavily dance rooted track really pushes the boat out for an epic finish and intrepid EP from the talented young Pulsecode.

Pulsecode’s first EP will be available for digital purchase from the 3rd of December, being released through the cutting edge label, Disco’s Dead Records. Head over to www.discosdead.com to keep up to date with their mixes and releases featuring some of the South West’s freshest talent. 

Pulsecode // Review

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Went to get groceries. Ended up getting this old thing from a charity shop


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This and That


We’ve been a bit on the MIA on the post front. If i’m being honest my heart has’t been in it completely the last few weeks – as mentioned before the hectic big move and being back at uni and work I just haven’t had enough hours in the day! But thats no excuse so this is it, we’re back…properly! Been in touch with some exciting people and have been listening and seeing some great new material from music producers and artists. So do keep up to date with us you can follow us through our main site www.something-about.com, or through other social networking sites on Facebook at www.facebook.com/morethingsabout and Twitter at www.twitter.com/morethingsabout.

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Koven – Quiet Life // Alphasphere


As promised Koven had a little surprise; and it’s gone live today!
He has uploaded it on his youtube channel; it is a great new video which showcases his fabulous new gadget the ‘alphasphere’ – also available is a free download of his new song featured in the video! Check it out here

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Have been out of action for so long


It’s been a while … Been a bit under the weather and still recovering. But with all the time I have had on my hands, I have been able to do a lot of thinking about a lot of stuff in general; Something About, work, my third and final year of university amongst a lot of Max’s happenings too with his new EP completed and with us moving house – it is all rather exciting, be it crazy, but very exciting. But we finally feel as if we are back on track again.

To start with we are thinking that Something About should have a slight change in direction giving it more of a personal touch including showcasing events we’ve attended, taken part in or hosted, sharing photographs and snippets of our lives as well as anything and everything that tickles our interest. With perhaps a focus and outlet for reviews for new music releases, events and upcoming artists. Unfortunately due to university and work commitments posts wont be as regular as before, however we feel the content will have more depth and on more of a personal level. We want Something About to be a creative outlet for ourselves and our interests.

It’s at a very exciting time at the moment for us both, although very busy – Max with his recently completed new EP, which is sounding really great and we cant wait to share a sneak peak with you. He has also just received a rather snazzy new toy (which he hasn’t put down yet, looks and sounds amazing!) of which he will be incorporating within his Koven sets. Also our dear friend and vocalist in Koven, Kate, is moving up to the big smoke tomorrow, which is going to be fabulous!

As for me, my third and final year of university is beckoning and I can’t decide whether I am excited or nervous. I literally can not believe how fast the past two years have flown by, we have been living in London for two years…where has the time gone! But now is the time to buckle up and focus on the coming academic year…wish me luck.

And for the remainder of the week we finally have a little bit of time for each other, thinking about heading to central, shopping, grabbing a bite to eat or perhaps a stroll through Hyde Park tomorrow, then back to our flat to start packing up our stuff for the new house before our busy few weeks ahead.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.

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Busy Week for Max // Koven


How Max turns this in to music I do not know.

Its been a busy one for Max this week, he has been putting the finishing touches on some new material, which are sounding really great. Expect some great bass combinations featuring vocals from the talented Kate Ashton which featured on Koven’s previous release ‘Wake You Up’. With a mixture of soothing melodic tracks and a unique take on some classic London dubstep sounds his new material will undoubtedly be a strong follow up to his recent EP.

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Two London based girls, set out on a trip and ended up with more than
they bargained for. Discovering unique designers, creating handmade,
customised one off pieces and great vintage markets and these girls
wanted to bring it back to the UK. Their handmade and vintage selections promise to give you one off unique pieces.This new online store is home to new, handmade and vintage clothing, so there really is something for everyone – set your individual style free.


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Toy Kingdom


Earlier this month, Harrods opened the doors of their new Toy Kingdom, 26,000 square foot of pure kiddy heaven with an enchanted forest, intergalactic science lab, sweet emporium where you watch lollipops being made and a huge toy grand canyon. Truly beyond a child’s wildest imagination, it is set to become a key london hotspot for children’s toys and books.

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Collar Pimping


A great way to upgrade an outfit without having to fork out a lot. I wasn’t sold on them at first, but was really swayed with Kate’s fabulous collar addition on this shirt.

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Hot Chip is In Our Heads

Hot Chip is back with an insanely catchy tune ‘How Do You Do?’ from their new album ‘In Our Heads’. Literally can not get enough of the this track today, its been on repeat, definitely down to be a great summer hit, and the video is just as fabulous – so quirky reminds me of some crazy glitchy 90’s cheese. Looking forward to hearing more from their album.

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