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Three Squared


Three Squared is series of mine, I wanted to create a new perspective of the possibilities of digital in the photographic arts today. While exploring and exploiting digital it allows me to purely focus on the visual aesthetics with minimal and distinctive compositions. My aim was to explore the possibilities of digital technologies within my photographic practice. The final installation of the prints also reflect my interest in the form and geometric shapes visible in modern art. The title ‘Three Squared‘ reflects the nature of the geometric element that I was keen to portray with the sole focus being on the visual aesthetics; form, shape and line.

Jade Blue

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Streetfest Exhibition


The new Streetfest photography exhibition is on display now at Boxpark Gallery in Shoreditch – celebrating what has been another great year of street art, music and sport they’re rounding it off with a great exhibition telling their story to date in photographs. Head down before the 30th to this great selection of imagery showcasing the history of Streetfest so far.

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Leica and Apple Collaboration // Limited Edition


Fan of Apple products and photography? At Leica’s special event just over a week ago, after the new Leica M was announced, company owner Dr Andreas Kaufmann revealed that they’ve got a very special limited edition version of the camera planned-designed by the infamous Apple designer Sir Jonathan Ive. And this camera will be the ultimate of limited editions based on simple fact: only one is going to be made – so if you have infinitely deep pockets keep an eye out for the auction of this exciting limited edition Apple designed Leica camera of which all proceeds will be donated to charity. The auction will be done in collaboration with Bono, the lead singer of U2. Although it won’t be unveiled anytime soon, as the design process hasn’t even started yet. But be sure to keep an eye out for this exciting limited design Leica camera. 

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Self Publish, Be Happy


Self Publish, Be Happy is s project aimed at helping aspiring photographers to produce their own books. And they have now released a work of its own.

Only two years old, Self Publish, Be Happy is a renowned hub for aspiring photographers and artists. Founded by Bruno Ceschel with aim of “celebrating, studying and promoting self published photo books” through events publications and the internet. Accompanied with workshops that show photographers how to make and distribute their own books.

SPBH are now publishing a book of their own; entitled AB&OC which features the work of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. It sounds like a fabulous book, made up of a selection of polaroids, including test shots for editorial shoots. There is a range of work in the book, including portraits of Amy Winehouse, Paula Rego to name a few alongside still lifes of skulls, leaves and a bird nest. The print run is 250 and with each book an original polaroid mounted on the cover.

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Up To Our Necks In It


Apologies for the lack of posts today, we have both been extremely busy. Max is preparing for his gig tomorrow night, for the mau5trap warehouse party which is set to be an amazing night with the likes of Noisia, Foreign Beggars, Bare Noize playing as well as Max of course and I have been editing photographs all day from Koven’s shoot from the last few days, of which I am nearly finished with only two more left to go, they are looking pretty nice – here is a sneak peek of what’s to come.

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jur•nl collective



jur•nl is an experimental creative project which examines the process of visual research and collaboration.

Branching out from a starting point contributed by an invited established artist, the jur•nl collective and other creatives are called to respond with images, text and video on our website. At the end of the week the collective come together to discuss the week’s research, and collaborate in creating a single image in response to the starting point. Artists and photographers contributed have included Zed Nelson, Elina Brotherus, Miranda Gavin and Emma Critchley.

This is a really exciting collective, so be sure to keep an eye out or if you are feeling creative, do take part.

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BBNK Collective


‘BBNK’ is a collaboration between four London based photographers responding to the everyday. With the overall purpose of compelling their audience to re-assess the way in which they view the commonplace, pushing the boundaries of art by using a sense of realism to merge art with the everyday.

Photography has been used in many different ways. We use photographs as memories to record the lives of ourselves and others, we use the cameras objective eye to document the world as it is, we use photographs as objects to hold and display, and as contemporary art objects to be displayed upon gallery walls. Since its announcement in 1839, photography has always been associated with representations of the real.

Exploring the theme of ‘Discovery’, each artist has produced a site-specific body of work, responding to particular spaces and discovering the potential of art within them, essentially exposing an alternative way of looking at and interacting with the everyday. Each body of work is representative of something already in existence, its potential as art stunted by its inability to be noticed or brought to the attention of others previously. Exploring the visual language of photography, each body of work attempts to shift perceptions of the everyday.

Through photography, the commonplace matter is given a visual charge and imaginative possibility beyond its everyday function. Luscious and sensual treatment, shifts in scale of typical environments, simple juxtapositions and relationships between shapes and forms are employed within the work of this collaboration, cultivating the visual curiosity of the viewer by subtly and imaginatively encouraging them to contemplate the stuff of the world surrounding them in their daily lives in unfamiliar ways.


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SEIS Publishing


Taken from Book 2 // One Disposable Camera, Fourteen Helium Balloons

Over eight weeks, starting from April and ending this month,photographers Joe Wilson and Billy Bolton have formed SEIS, a collaborative project where they have planned to produce eight photography publications within the eight weeks. They are on their sixth publication and they’re are looking fabulous, this South London based photo book publishing group are set to be a great success. Copies from the original edition size can be found in selected independent book shops around London. With books ordered online they will be printed upon request, as part of a second edition print on demand service.




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Jade Blue Photography

Urban Forms
Urban Forms consists of a series of images stripped down to the pure geometric elements of the architecture photographed. By focusing on the visual aesthetics; form, shape and line it reveals the built form to its bare essentials affirming its geometry, proportion, symmetry and the strength of line and shape in design. 

I have a new site in the making at the moment, where you can keep up to date with my work, inspiration and exhibition reviews. So head over and have a little look around.

Jade Blue is a London based artist who is currently studying BA Photography at the London College of Communication. In her work Jade utilizes photography to explore human behaviour along with a strong interest in contemporary culture, taking real life experiences as inspiration. Using the mediums of photography and video, her practice is focused on the investigation of human behaviour and personal and impersonal spaces.


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Scriven Court Exhibition

Scriven Court is an exhibition of photographs from the residents of Scriven Court housing estate in Haggerston, Hackney, curated by Holly Lucas.”The pictures were taken in response to a letter I posted through the doors of 100 flats on the estate earlier this year. I’d lived there for nearly 2 years but hardly spoken to any of my neighbours despite living in such close proximity to them inside a very densely populated building. I was curious to see what their lives were like so I asked them whether they’d like a disposable camera to take images of anything they liked on. The diversity of the people that replied was great; some kids, a dry cleaner, an art student, some sound engineers and a bricklayer who’d grown up on the estate among others. The collection of images I got back was really surprising.”

Along with pictures from the disposable cameras, Holly is also exhibiting a collection of her own landscape images of the estate shot in the reflections of her neighbours’ curtained windows.

The exhibition will take place within the corridors of the residential building for one evening only, from 6-8pm (Flats 14 -26, entrance on Livermere road)
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