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Very impressed by Tim Noble’s and Sue Webster’s sculpture at the Saatchi gallery, it may appear to be a pile of debris, but when lit at the right angle, a shadow is formed creating an astounding self portrait of the artists.

Impressive Self Portrait

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Mirror Wall


After a recent visit to the Saatchi Gallery, Jeppe Hein’s work really stood out to me. You can only really experience the work through participation. Infusing technology with an element of surprise and humour, his interactive works playfully remind viewers of their vital role in activating arts communicative potential.
At first his work appears to be a large straight-forward mirror, but as the viewer approaches the piece begins to move, vibrating. Prompting us to re-calibrate our relationship to what we see and where we are.

Mirror Wall, 2010
Jeppe Hein

Saatchi Gallery, SW3 4RY

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