We’ve recently stumbled upon an exciting event ‘Buy My Wardrobe‘. If you like bargains/pre owned designer fashion, then you will definitely want to head down to Buy My Wardrobe’s event tomorrow at Vanilla (131 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 5BB) which will be featuring the wardrobes of the fabulous sisters behind the Five Five Fabulous blog. A VIP bar sponsored by Gold Emotion will be serving champagne at the event – what more do you need, shopping and champagne, sounds perfect.
The event tomorrow will feature dedicated areas for shoes, handbags and dresses alongside a specially selected group of some of the most popular sellers and fashion bloggers. Also at the event The Glam Collective team will be hosting a pop up make up bar on hand to pamper as well as complimentary eyebrow threading by iBrows.


Date: Wednesday 24th October

Where: Vanilla, 131 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 5BB

Time: 6pm – 9pm

VIP tickets: £20 

Buy My Wardrobe

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Very impressed by Tim Noble’s and Sue Webster’s sculpture at the Saatchi gallery, it may appear to be a pile of debris, but when lit at the right angle, a shadow is formed creating an astounding self portrait of the artists.

Impressive Self Portrait

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Pulsecode is the production alias of 19 year old Simon Kitt. Hailing from the South West this young producer is set to take the electronic music scene by storm. With a great combination of garage, techno and old school baselines this exciting new EP from the talented Pulsecode no doubt will transport you back to the Ibiza summers of the 90’s with a innovative contemporary edge.

The EP kicks off with On The Pulse, a two step garage tune that will no doubt be gracing your club nights. With huge build ups blasting through, leading to minimalistic bass lines with a twist of dubstep, On The Pulse really sets the standards for this elevating and gutsy EP. 

Heavy On The Hummus follows with a touch of house with swirling synths in quite a minimal style as it moves and flows into a jungle influence creating an interesting dynamic to the piece.

Track three, Here With Me channels some old school bass lines with a strong fusion of garage and techno forming a crowd worthy track with a hooky vocal showcase – extracting the voice and using it as an instrument within this heavily dance rooted track really pushes the boat out for an epic finish and intrepid EP from the talented young Pulsecode.

Pulsecode’s first EP will be available for digital purchase from the 3rd of December, being released through the cutting edge label, Disco’s Dead Records. Head over to to keep up to date with their mixes and releases featuring some of the South West’s freshest talent. 

Pulsecode // Review

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I have always been a big fan of food. My father is a chef, so I have always been surrounded by lovely foods. I have never really been a huge fan of dieting, so the Yan Plan seemed perfect and the great results I have seen by friends and family I had to give it a go. After being in contact with Yan I started a ten week plan, although based in London this was not an issue, with weekly Skype calls with him and support via email and by phone while also receiving exciting recipes via email, throughout the whole process Yan was very supportive. During my second week of the ten week plan I had to undergo surgery and was off work for six weeks – so exercise was out of the question. So for the first 8 weeks I was purely following the food direction, eating regularly and often. It was great, by following this eating pattern I was never hungry or craving anything naughty – I was eating the right things at the right time. By doing this my energy levels were through the roof, being a student we love our sleep but there was no need for a sneaky afternoon snooze. I was bit skeptical that if I wasn’t doing any exercise would I actually loose any weight? However I lost 25lbs! Just under two stone with no exercise what so ever! I wouldn’t say that The Yan Plan is a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice and I am definitely a changed person – pasta and breads were a staple in my diet which obviously isn’t great for the waistline and after my ten week plan he has changed my health, wellbeing and outlook on food for ever.

His ‘Yan Plan’ is a dietary and fitness regime which dispels a lot of myths about what you can and can’t do or eat. If you are interested in finding out more about the ‘Yan Plan’ you can find him on Facebook at or visit his website here

Light Your Fire With The Yan Plan

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Calling all creatives – If you have an idea for a great project but don’t have the cash to get it going? IdeasTap are awarding £1000 to ten young artists or companies who want to make their ideas happen…You have to apply by 5pm this Friday.

IdeasTap Funding Opportunity For Young Creatives

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I have finally caught up on Grayson Perry’s series on Channel 4 which is on Tuesday evenings for the next month or so and what a series it is. I’ve watched the two episodes that have been aired and I am very much looking forward to episode three on Tuesday. Really worth watching, for anyone that is interested in art, culture, human behaviour – it really is a great series.

In the Best Possible Taste Grayson Perry investigates and embeds himself within working class Great Britain. Originally from a working class background himself, he is interested in how our family background and the class journey we take shape the way we define ourselves through what we wear and buy and how we live.

Grayson Perry has always been fascinated by taste: why people buy the things they buy and wear the things they wear and how does this reflect what they are trying to say about themselves when they make these choices. Grayson travels across the ‘taste tribes’ of Britain, not just to observe but to incorporate and tell us through his artwork what it means.

In the Best Possible Taste

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Slight delay with the reviews, will pop them up tomorrow. 

Slight delay wi…